Registration Checklist

Only complete registrations will be processed. To avoid disappointment, please make sure you have completed this checklist.

1. Registration Manual

Please ensure that you have read and understand the Registration Manual.

2. Registration

  • Students select classes online with their personal Studio Director account

  • Payment is processed in person or by mail and spots are held for 7 days without payment

  • Students who have selected classes online, but have not completed payment by the due date will be automatically de-registered, and will need to re-register, space permitting

  • Special office hours will be scheduled to finalize payment and registration

3. Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) Agreement

The person responsible for payment must complete and submit a PAD form. Be sure to indicate preference of either the 1st or 15th of the month for your tuition withdrawal.

4. Cheques

Three cheques must be provided to finalize the registration process:

  • one void cheque, or bank equivalent, for PAD or one cheque for 10 months of fees

  • one cheque for costume deposit (post-dated for October 1)

  • one cheque for registration fee (dated for registration date)

  • If student's surname differs from the surname on the cheque, please write the student's name on each cheque submitted for easier identification.

5. Email Address

Please make sure you provide your email address when you register, as all newsletters are sent out by email.