Fees & Deposits

Registration Fee

The annual registration fee is $30 for an individual student or $40 per family. Registration fees should be separate from your class fees and should be dated for the same day you register. Registration fees are non-refundable. Please be prepared with all of your payments on registration day.

Costume deposits

Costume deposits are $60 per student per class and must be post-dated for October 1. Due to the fact that costumes get started as early as September, all costume deposits are non-refundable, with the exception of Adult class deposits. Costume deposits for classes designated "Adult" are refundable until January 15.

Non-sufficient funds (NSF)

All failed payments are subject to NSF fee of $25. The NSF fee can only be paid with cash.

PYP Company Students

PYP Company payments and registrations are separate from your regular class fees. Fees are payable to PENINSULA YOUNG PERFORMERS (please do not abbreviate your payment to PYP). Please do not include your Company class when calculating your total number of hours per week.

  • Pre-intermediate to Senior: $375

  • Junior & Mini: $250

  • Costume deposit: 2 × $60 = $120 (post-dated for October 1)

Please consult the Peninsula Young Performers (PYP) handbook for more information.