PYP Dance Company

an additional performing opportunity for experienced students. auditions are held annually in may for the upcoming dance season.

Peninsula Young Performers 2018–19

Peninsula Young Performers 2018–19


PYP classes for 2018-2019

PYP Classes start on Friday, September 14! 

About PYP

Peninsula Young Performers’ (PYPs') vision is to encourage further development of performance, presentation, strength, technique, confidence and self-expression in each dancer. Students selected to be in PYP are given additional opportunities such as Master Classes with guest teachers, dance training and performance tours in Canada and the US, as well as many local community performances and competitions.

Peninsula Young Performers is a registered non-profit organization that exists to enhance its students education in dance and Performing Arts. PYP provides direct community benefit, including performances at local public schools, benefits and fundraisers, and the Sidney Santa Claus parade.

PYP Fees, Payments & Deposits

The annual PYP fee is separate from monthly Allegro class fees. PYP fees cannot be included in your pre-authorized payments to Allegro.

All cheques for fees and costumes must be made payable to “Peninsula Young Performers”; PYP is unable to process your payments if it is abbreviated to “PYP”.

Annual Fees

  • Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate and Senior PYP Company: $400

  • Junior PYP Company: $275

  • Mini PYP Company: $250

Payment Options

Regardless of payment method, cheques must be received on day of registration and must be paid in full by September 1. Two payment options are available:

  • One cheque: amount paid in full and dated for the date of registration or September 1, or

  • Four post-dated cheques: the first cheque dated for day of registration, and remaining three dated July 1, August 1 and September 1


A costume deposit of $140 (2 × $70) per PYP member will be required at the time of registration. This fee is payable by cheque to “Peninsula Young Performers”, post-dated October 1, and must be separate from your Allegro costume deposit cheque. PYP costume deposits are non-refundable after September 30.


PYP fees will be refunded in full up until September 30 should a member withdraw. No refunds (including PYP tuition fee) will be issued after September 30. Parents must notify PYP and Allegro of withdrawal in writing prior to September 30.

For information about PYP fundraising and sponsorship, please visit