Payment Options

Payments may be made by cash or cheque. The payment plan for the entire year, as well as your October 1 costume deposits, are due at registration.


Cash payments for classes will be accepted in two payments:

  • 50% payment due September 1

  • Balance due by January 1 of the following year


Three cheques must be provided to finalize the registration process:

  • one void cheque, or bank equivalent, for PAD or one cheque for 10 months of fees

  • one cheque for costume deposit (post-dated for October 1)

  • one cheque for registration fee (dated for registration date)

If a student’s surname differs from the surname on the cheque, please write the student’s name on each cheque submitted for easier identification.

A. Full Payment

One cheque for 10 months of fees. A separate cheque for registration fee and costume deposit will be required.

B. Monthly Payment

Monthly fees are determined by dividing the annual fee into 10 equal payments (September to June). These payments remain the same regardless of the number of dance weeks in a month.

Pre-authorized debit (PAD) payment plan for monthly fees. PAD agreement must be completed at the time of registration.