Spring 2018

The Countdown is On!

As of April 3 (1st day back to dance after Spring Break), there are only 8 weeks until Dress Rehearsal! Recital dances are now in full swing, so attending all classes is necessary. Remember that dancing is a team effort!  If your child has to miss class due to illness or for any other reason, please call the office (or email) to let the teachers know. 250-656-8910.

Dance Extraordinaire (Recital) Dates

Recitals will be at the ROYAL THEATRE on Saturday, June 2 and Sunday, June 3 (every show is different)Each class performs in the Recital.  *Dancers who take multiple classes will most likely be in more than one Recital.  There will be an all day dress rehearsal on Sunday, May 27th, which will also take place at The Royal Theatre. These three dates are very important, so please mark them on your calendar as everybody at the studio participates in the rehearsals and the performances. Please remember that in order to dance in the Recital you must attend the dress rehearsal!

The Royal Theatre is located on the corner of Blanshard and Broughton St (805 Broughton)

Dress Rehearsal & Recital Schedules

Dress Rehearsal: Sunday, May 27 – 9:00 am – 6:00 pm – each dance will have a specific block of time they need to attend.

  • Saturday, June 2 show times – 1:00 & 7:00 pm
  • Sunday, June 3 show times – 1:00 pm (only 1 Sunday show this year)
  • Recital breakdowns will be posted the first week in May, and Dress Rehearsal schedules will come out soon after!

5 & 10-Year Medals and Trophies

We have posted a sign up sheet in the hallway for students who have danced with us for exactly 5 or 10 years.  (This must be 5 or 10 consecutive years of performing in the recital).  If you are at the 5 or 10-year mark, please sign up and you will receive a medal or trophy at the Recital in June to recognize your achievement.  The deadline to sign up is April 15, as we are placing our trophy and medal orders shortly!

Grad’s of 2018

If you are graduating from high school this year, please let us know so we can acknowledge you at the year end recital.  There is a sign up sheet in the hallway to list your name as well as your plans for next year.  Frequently asked question:  “Do I have to stop dancing once I graduate high school?”  The answer is “absolutely not! “ We like to acknowledge High School grads at Recital, as many people move on and do not continue dancing.  However, many students continue to dance and we encourage them to do so!  We offer many adult classes as well as classes specifically for recent high school graduates.  We want you to keep dancing!

Leotard, Shoe and Hair Requirements

Please make sure that your child is coming to class in appropriate dancewear with their hair pulled back.  All ballet students must have their hair in a bun with bun pins and a hair net.  If you are unaware of the requirements, please visit www.allegroperformingartscentre.

  • Lyrical classes must have beige ‘foot undies’ for Recital
  • Ballet students (Primary 1 and up) must have proper fitting ballet shoes for ballet class and for Recital.  No gymnastic slippers please.
  • Most Jazz and Musical Theatre performances must have beige jazz shoes for class and for Recital – please double check with your teacher.
  • Hip-Hop students – please check with your teacher as to what kind of shoes you need for Recital.  You will most likely need plain black indoor runners.

Summer Dance 2018 – JULY 9-13! 

For Dancers Age 8 and up! If you want to improve your technique and experience new styles, Summer Dance at Allegro is the place to be! Up to 30 hours of dance classes in one week!  Summer dance is a one week, full-time dance program featuring guest teachers from across Canada. Summer Dance at Allegro is the perfect opportunity for students to progress quickly and experience exciting new teachers and choreographers. Classes are known to fill, so it is recommended to register early. More info will be posted on the "Summer Dance" page soon!

Street Camp 2018 - August 20-23!

Street Camp is a 4 day Hip-Hop intensive from 2:00-5:00 pm each day. Dancers will learn popping, locking, house, acro, as well as many other styles of Hip-Hop. More info will be posted on the "Summer Dance" page soon! 

Warm-up Sweaters

We recommend that all dancers have a ballet sweater to warm up in for all their ballet classes.  This is a wrap around sweater, specifically designed for dance that ties around the waist – it can be purchased at most dance stores.  This will please you and your teachers because it will keep you warm, and it is a tight fitting sweater that allows us to still give you corrections.  Loose fitting clothing is not permitted in class (with the exception of Hip-Hop). 

Non-Instructional Days  

Classes at Allegro are always on as scheduled when it is a non-instructional day at school.

Important Dates to Mark on Your Calendar:

  • March 19-April 2………...Easter Holiday (re-open Tuesday, April 3)
  • May 21..…………………........Victoria Day (no classes)
  • May 27.. .…………………......Dress Rehearsal for Recital (ROYAL THEATRE)
  • June 2 & 3….……...……......Year-End Recitals (ROYAL THEATRE)
  • June 5 – 9…..…………….....Class Photo Week at Allegro (in costume)
  • July 9 – 13…………...……...Summer Dance at Allegro
  • August 20-23...................Street Camp at Allegro


Nadine Cowland