November/December 2017


While in the hallway please be respectful of the classes that are in session by keeping the noise to a minimum. Voices carry and can be disruptive to the students. Parents, Please consider using the parent waiting area near the office while you wait. Students, you are not permitted to play or run in the hallways, please join your friends in the Dressing room or kitchen areas.



Please help keep our facility clean! The faculty is very proud of our performing arts facility and we hope that the students take as much pride in our dance studio as we do!


Outdoor Shoes

Students, Parents & Faculty: Absolutely no outdoor shoes in any of the dance studios! Our dance floors are designed for dance shoes only. Outdoor shoes will ruin these floors!

  • Hip Hop dancers must wear clean, indoor shoes to class.
  • To keep our exits clear and our floors dry, all outdoor shoes must be removed at the entrance of the studio, using the shoe racks and cubbies provided.
  • Our dancers walk through the halls in their dance shoes and bare feet, please help us to prevent the floors becoming wet and slippery or causing damage to our dance shoes.
  • Boys: Please use the boy’s changing room to store your things; Girls only in the girl’s dressing room.


  1. No food or beverages in the dance studios or dressing room. We ask that students bring water only in to the classrooms and dressing room. There is a spacious kitchen for you to eat in. Please do not eat your dinner, snack, juice or pop in the dressing room.

  2. Please clean up toys after playing with them in the waiting room

  3. Drop-off, pick-up and parking: please note the correct way to enter and exit the parking lot. Overflow parking is permitted on the street, but only on the school’s side of the street. Do not use the disabled parking spot without the appropriate signage.

  4. Emergency exit door: the back door should be used as an Emergency Exit only. Please use the main entry door to enter and exit the school. In case of fire drill or emergency, the meeting place is the field behind the school. Parents, please pass this information on to your child.


Recital 2018

Venue: Royal Theatre, Victoria BC

This year’s annual Recitals will be held on Saturday, June 2 and Sunday, June 3, 2018 (four shows). There will be an all day dress rehearsal on Sunday, May 27.

  • If your dancer is in only one class, they will only perform in one Recital.
  • Dancers/families registered in more than one class may be performing in more than one Recital.

Show breakdowns come available closer to the time. These dates are extremely important, so please mark them on your calendar, as everybody at the studio participates in the rehearsal and the performances (some adult classes opt not to participate). If your child is unable to perform, we should have received notification by now. Please know that in order to dance in the Recital you must attend the dress rehearsal!

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Non-instructional/Pro-D Days

Classes at Allegro are on as scheduled on non-instructional/Pro-D days at school.

Clothing Order

Clothing orders for our new Allegro clothing will be coming out soon, just in time for Christmas!

Open House & Holiday Closure

Open house

Tuesday, December 12 to Monday, December 18

We welcome you to come and view the classes of your choice. A non-perishable food donation for the food hamper would be very much appreciated, as well as a winter jacket donation for those in need.

The PYP Dance Company will generously be providing snacks, tea and coffee (in the kitchen) to our viewing guests—sorry, snacks are for guests only, not for dancers.

PYP Company classes are not open for viewing week.


Christmas Holidays

Allegro will be closed from Tuesday, December 19, 2017, to Sunday, January 7, 2018. We re-open on Monday, January 8, 2018.

Overdue Payments

Thank-you to everyone who is up to date with their payments. Anyone who still has outstanding fees and/or costume deposits should be getting them in to the office as soon as possible.


Class Withdrawals

We hope that everyone has settled nicely into their classes. This is a friendly reminder that all notices of withdrawal must be submitted in writing to the office (email is fine) by November 30, 2017, with one month's notice or one month's fees as a requirement. After November 30, it is expected that dancers will remain in their class(es) for the duration of the dance year and you are committed financially until the end of the dance year—June, 2018.


Most Performing Arts Plus classes participate in Festival. All Festival classes perform in the Dance Extravaganza on March 3 (Dress Rehearsal is March 2nd). If you are unsure if this involves your child, please check with your child’s teacher to see if it is a Festival class.

If your child is involved in Festival, we ask that you please avoid booking vacations during Festival time, as this is a team effort. Festival entry fees will be billed to parents in February, leading up to the Dance Extravaganza. Any questions regarding Festival can be answered by emailing

Please note: Festival Fees are paid in advance by Allegro on behalf of each student. If you withdraw from a Festival class after the Festival fees have been submitted by Allegro, you will be required to pay your Festival fees. Festival fees are non-refundable.

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Snow Days & Power Outages

Our policy is that if the school buses are not running, then Allegro will be closed. If school is cancelled due to poor weather conditions, Allegro may also be closed. If you are ever in doubt, please phone 250-656-8910 to listen to our outgoing voicemail message or visit Please do the same in the event of a power outage.



Anyone who wishes to be hired as a seamstress for the Recital, please see Jennifer or Rose or send us an email. Thank-you to all who come forward! Not a seamstress, but would like to help with gluing, cutting etc? Feel free to contact us!


Lost & Found

Please take the time to see if anything belongs to you. Whatever hasn’t been claimed by the Christmas Holidays will be donated to charity.


2016/17 Class Photos & DVDs

There are lots of class photos and DVD’s still to be picked up from last year! Class photos are available self-serve outside the office window, in alphabetical order. DVD’s are available in the office during office hours. If you can’t make it during office hours, just let us know and we can make another arrangement for you.


Important Dates

  • Remembrance Day: November 11

  • Open House: December 12 to December 18

  • December Holiday: December 19 to January 7

  • Recital Dress Rehearsal (Royal Theatre): May 27

  • Recitals (Royal Theatre): June 2 & 3

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