Festivals & Competitions

An amazing opportunity for Performing Arts Plus dancers & PYP Dance Company


Festivals and Competitions are an extra performing experience offered to students in Performing Arts Plus (PA Plus) & PYP Dance Company. Classes perform in front of an audience and adjudicator, receiving comments, critiques and sometimes placements and/or awards from the dance specialist.

Festival, Competition and PYP students agree to train exclusively with Allegro Performing Arts Centre. Due to the many scheduling conflicts that are bound to arise, Company and P.A Plus dancers are not permitted to perform at Festivals/Competitions, or do continuous training with other studios/companies other than Allegro/PYP.

For parents and students new to Festivals and Competitions, we welcome you to ask us any questions that you may have!

Spring Break

Spring Break is right around our busy Festival season. This long break occurs just before most of the Festivals we are attending. In order to be well prepared for Festival, please consider planning your holidays so that your child is able to attend classes when Allegro is in session. If you are going to be away, please make sure to give us plenty of notice.

We are currently working on the lengthy process of filling out Festival documents.


The Festival entry fee for group classes should come to an average of approximately $40 per dancer per festival performance.

Example: If your dancer is in three dance classes and is attending two festivals/competitions per class, this totals six performances (6 performances  × $40 = $240) 

Festival fees are paid in advance by Allegro on behalf of each student.  If you withdraw from a Festival class after the Festival fees have been submitted by Allegro, you will be required to pay your Festival fees. Festival fees are non-refundable.


Festival Dates: Classes & Company

Core Competition Schedule April 29-May 4»

Updated April 29: Danceworks Gala info Sunday, May 5»

Please mark the Festival dates that pertain to your child on your calendar. Your child's Festival performance will possibly take place during school hours. Students who have committed to the PA Plus Program are expected to attend their Festival performance, even if the performance is scheduled during school hours. Most school teachers are very supportive of our students around Festival time, as it is a very educational experience. As this is a team effort, we ask families to please avoid booking vacations during Festival dates.

Download the Festival calendar below and view all Festival classes (by teacher). Festival and competition schedules will be posted here approximately 3 weeks before each event. Please check back regularly for updates.

All festival classes perform at Dance Extravaganza» in the Spring.u